7 Luxury Items You Didn’t Know You Needed


  1. Nintendo Switch

This console’s unique design stands out from the crowd in more ways than one. You get to enjoy the traditional home console experience, as well as the handheld option that lets you game on the go. Although it doesn’t have a large library of games just yet, this is a must-have for any diehard Nintendo fans.


  1. Sony PS4 Pro

The beloved PS4 has just received a major upgrade in the form of the PS4 Pro. This super powered console features 4K gaming, a high dynamic range for vivid colours, and double the graphics processing power of the standard PS4. Give yourself the treat of playing the most graphically intense games as they were intended to be enjoyed.


  1. Mclaren 720S

This award-winning supercar is a must for car enthusiasts. Taking inspiration from the smooth lines of a great white shark, the 720S’s sleek contours manipulate surrounding air to decrease drag and cool down the engine. Encased in light weight carbon fibre, with a fantastic glass canopy to take advantage of natural light, this spectacular car would make a wonderful addition to your collection.


  1. Bentley Continental Grand Tourer

The original producer of luxury cars has just released its British-made Continental Grand Tourer. The GT combines the beauty of its vintage cars with modern technology to give you the ultimate in comfort and style. This coupe holds four adults, as well as a hefty amount of luggage – perfect for your own grand tour. The Continental comes with customisable handcrafted wood and leather finishes, all while preserving Bentley’s idiosyncratic elegance.


  1. Helicopter

Nothing says suave like arriving your very own Bond-style helicopter. These aircrafts are ideal not only for impressing your lady friend, but also for journeying to exquisite, near untouched locales.  Helicopter rentals, and sales are available online and in most major cities.


  1. Private jet

A private jet is the ultimate upgrade from business class. After experiencing a crew that anticipates your every need, gourmet meals, and true comfort – you’ll never be able to go back to cramped commercial flights. Experience this elite luxury for yourself, by purchasing your own. If you find the hefty price tags a tad eye-watering, rental options are also available.


  1. Omega De Ville Prestige Master Co-Axial

This gorgeous watch brings together the best of modern technology and classic style. The Prestige has a gorgeous 18 carat rose gold case, that protects a white face with rose gold batons to match. A rich brown leather strap with a rose gold buckle completes the look.



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